What This Is All About

I am starting a new blog for approximately the five millionth time.

I have tried writing all different kinds of blogs. Personal blogs. Topical blogs. Book/movie/video game review blogs. I even had a blog that was the ship log of a fictional character exploring a chain of islands in a fantasy world.

They all failed, usually quickly. The whole consistency thing freaks me out. Oh, and there was the one time back when I was young and foolish and said some stupid things about a recently unveiled book cover and I pissed off a marketing person at a fantasy publisher and she wrote a long and (justifiably) angry comment and then I felt awful for days afterward and never posted on that blog again.

But here I am again. I’ve got that itch. The motives have become less starry-eyed and sexy perhaps—“professionalizing” and “platform” now speak to me—but the end goal is still the same thing: a space for me to share my writerly thoughts online.

I have also (hopefully) learned a few things about boundaries. You can keep me accountable. Here’s my vision for this blog:

  • I will post on Mondays once a week, although I will not get on my own case if I skip now and then.
  • Blog posts will be 500 words or less. Even if I’m really excited or angry about something.
  • There don’t need to be Insta-perfect pictures for my thoughts to be interesting.
  • All posts will be about creativity, generally speaking. One week I may post a status update on my current book project. Maybe next week I’ll talk about a bit of characterization I really liked in a show I’m watching. Maybe the week after I’ll just write 500 words about why I wish I was instead pursuing a career in post-rock because, ohmagosh people, all the feels a good Sigur Ros or Hammock track can give me.
  • I’m starting with a three-month commitment, and if it’s still going well by the end of 2018, I’ll probably keep going.

That’s my plan, anyway. Hopefully I capture a few good moments along the way and have some fun in the process, and hopefully you enjoying reading as well.


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