I don’t get a lot of writing done around the holidays.

It’s been particularly noticeable this holiday season because I’m so close to wrapping up the first draft of the book I’m currently drafting. But for some unspeakable reason (several, actually), the last chapter I’m writing is somehow ballooning to 50 pages, and my goal of being done by January 1st seems further away than it did at the beginning of December.

I used to get quite upset when I didn’t make my self-imposed writing deadlines. I would feel like I wasn’t working hard enough, or I wasn’t focused enough. It sounds silly, but I’ve had to remind myself over the years that writing isn’t necessarily the best way to use my days off. There are lots of different aspects of my life to attend to and spend time developing.

I used to try to write on airplanes and take my laptop on vacation with me, so I could get some writing in during those off times. I’ve rarely written anything good in an airport or on a plane. I eventually figured out that I was just adding to the stress of traveling and robbing from the vacation’s ability to be a time of rest and rejuvenation.


I took an eight-hour break between writing this and writing the paragraphs above. The festivities are done for the day, and family members have all driven back to their own homes with their kiddos. Even finding the time to write a 250-word blog post this weekend has felt difficult.

But that’s okay too.

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