Pirates (coauthored with Kathryn Johnson) is a fantasy novel set in a Caribbean-like setting. Madalena’s father, Don Iñigo, has recently died, and the itinerant priest who comes to administer his last rites, Domingo, has a troubling vision of Iñigo’s soul. When Marin, a lawyer working for the colonial authorities, comes to assess Madalena’s plantation, all three of their lives are threatened by pirates bent on revenge. They must flee into the jungle to seek asylum with Madalena’s mother’s tribe, where she begins to learn of her father’s murderous past. [Pinterest board here]

Maggie is a portal fantasy novel. When graphic artist Maggie Niskanen receives a phone call that her husband’s apparent suicide may have actually been his escape into another world, Maggie takes her 11-month-old daughter on a journey to find her husband and learn why he never told her about the other worlds he discovered as a teenager. Part urban fantasy, part quest romance, this novel explores the limits of love, trust, and desire. The first draft is complete. [Sample chapter here]


No More Hiding is an 83,000-word alternate history novel set during World War II. Nazi human experimentation has spawned a zombie virus that is quickly eroding all stability in Central Europe, even as the Allied Forces and Red Army try to bring the European war to a conclusion in January 1945. Anja Grünfeld, a young Jewish woman and Slovakian nationalist, finds herself thrown together with Aksel Ulrich, a German scientist who regrets his collaboration with the Nazi regime, and Sabine Reinhardt, a KPD teenager whose Communist parents have been taken away by the fascist authorities. Together, can they survive the war and find a cure for the plague ravaging their homelands? [Sample chapter here] [Pinterest board here]

The Chosen One Is for Real (coauthored with Stephen Armstrong) is a 98,000-word political satire. When a terrible blight of ancient prophesy begins to ravage the land, orphaned farmboy Tristan Shandy learns from a traveling peddler that he’s the Chosen One, and he moves to Capital City to save the world. But the world’s a lot more complicated than he realized, from the D’Orcish refugee crisis to Fairy rights to Elvish reservations. Tristan has a lot to learn from Princess Latrina, the heir apparent to the suffering kingdom of Euthanasia, and the other Chosen One, Justin Tamberlaine, a hedonistic ecomagician who just wants to leverage his celebrity for all its worth. [Sample chapter here]

We Grew Up at Disney World  (coauthored with Stephen Armstrong) is an 85,000-word memoir, a playful retrospective on twenty-five years of family vacations to Disney World, “The Happiest Place on Earth.” Through a collection of short narratives, email exchanges, telephone calls, and poems, this memoir examines Disney World’s influence on our understanding of creativity and artistic expression, while also charting our family’s changing identity from small-town fundamentalists to globe-trotting professionals who live out Walt Disney’s great commission: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” [Sample chapter here]

The Society for the Fuller Enjoyment of Leisure is an 80,000-word steampunk novel, equal parts Oscar Wilde homage and Scarlet Pimpernel fan fiction. Lord Geoffrey Avery, a frivolous younger son of the aristocracy, tries to make something of his life by casing the unsavories of upper-crust society and bringing them to justice. Lately the nefarious misdeeds of Dame Orvilea Faufferseff, war profiteer and arguably the worst aunt in all of Arebin, have come to his attention. With the help of the Society for the Fuller Enjoyment of Leisure, a gentlemen’s club comprised of likeminded bachelor aristocrats, Lord Geoffrey is able to break a blackmailing scheme, rescue a golden-haired child, and put Dame Orvilea and her associates on trial for their crimes against society. [Samples chapters here]